Become a Naughty Tart


The first question people always ask is, how much can I make or how much does the averaged Naughty Tart Girl make? You get out of this venture what you put into it. I think that we give you every chance to succeed. What I mean by that is, we listen to your ideas and thoughts and incorporate them into what we are doing if applicable. We promote each and every girl individually, something that not many sites do. We seem to do REALLY well with Interracial, Mature, (MFM) 3Somes, GangBangs & Real Swinger, sites.

Please send in at least five pictures so we can see what you look like and your photo quality. We'd also like to know your stats and if you have any other web site(s). If you don't have good quality photos please email us when you do.

You can E-MAIL us at George AT naughtytarts DOT com.